She had never liked rules

“She had never liked rules” – Demeter by Maile Meloy

9 thoughts on “She had never liked rules

  1. Just checked out your 2009 photo gallery from Paris. What an excellent and impressive collection of photographs. Have you hung this show in a gallery, or is it only on-line? Today’s post works great.

    1. Thank you for “both” your comments.

      The Paris 2009-2012 is still a work in progress. Right now I am simply looking through the files, choosing photos. There is only one thread: they are strictly chronological in order. I perhaps wondered if I might see how my photography has evolved over four years. Or not.
      I am not sure what to do after I have chosen photos from the last four years. Looking at them. Deleting some. Perhaps making some pdf on issuu. Some book on blurb.
      So far, MoMa hasn’t called ;-)

      Thanks again!

      1. This goes to show that MoMa is missing the boat. They don’t seem to hang shows until the whole world already knows about the work. The did get around to a show of BMW motorcycles decades after we knew that they were design classics.

          1. Some of the art in contemporary video games is amazing, but should it be collected by MoMa? Doesn’t cost them anything as the games are all donated, so why not?

          2. To me it feels a little bit like chumming up with youth culture, with digital culture. I am not sure what to think about it and while I perfectly agree with the BMW design as being art and classic I don’t quite think the same about Sim City …. but hey, it’s all a matter of taste in the end.

  2. Oh boy, what a nice, disguised Japanese flag! It catches the eye and then moves it around. BTW your photography is improving on a monthly basis. Get to work on the issuu portfolio.

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