Summer’s too long in a place like this

“Summer’s too long in a place like this” – Member/Guest by David Gilbert

6 thoughts on “Summer’s too long in a place like this

    1. Right, summer is never too long! The best thing was, since this is Southern France and there is thyme, tarragon etc. everywhere, there was a wonderful fragance in the air while this guy was rolling on the ground. Much better than the donkey fragrance ;-)

      1. Donkeys are known for many things, hard work, sure footed, and being stubborn, but never for good smells. Interesting that he (?) should have been rolling in a field of herbs. Must have been a nice surprise.

        1. In Southern France every grassy spot is a field of herbs. That’s so nice.

          I had a look at the other photos but I came to no conclusion. Might be a she … or not. Too much dust everywhere, .-)

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