Do you know where you should go?

“Do you know where you should go?” – Member/Guest by David Gilbert

12 thoughts on “Do you know where you should go?

  1. That is the eeriest Provencal street that I’ve seen. I bet it was a bit cheerier in color, but it still looks like the walls could just decide to consume you if they wished. All angles and shadows. Nice one!

    1. On the contrary, the colour version shows the decay and neglect even more. No gentrification here. Just poor people living there trying to adorn their environment as best as they can afford. The b/w version with the high contrast of the sunlight and sky makes the photo a little bit more … “artistic” while the colour version is the realistic version …
      Thank you!

  2. Those old walls are like proper elderly ladies who are just about to sit down, but must adjust their petticoats before doing do. Great angles and shadows. The person at the end of the street brings it all into scale and focus. But then, I haven’t a clue were to go.

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