His future was somewhere else


“His future was somewhere else” – Marjorie Lemke by Sarah Braunstein

9 thoughts on “His future was somewhere else

    1. Aaaah, who knows what or who inspired me to pick this sentence ;-).
      btw you should definitely visit the duck post …

    1. Strawberry harvest usually starts in May around here. This is the first year I have seen these “greenhouse tunnels” (?) for strawberries. Last year anti-hail nets (? again) in the orchards were all the rage with the farmers.
      Some more years and everything will be sheltered somehow and there will be no way for me to pick up strawberries and abricots easly during my photowalks ;-)
      Thank you!

  1. dieses bild sieht nach zukunft aus, der frühling ist nicht mehr fern denn die imaginäre sonne scheint bereits, ganz sachte die augen zukneifen und dann sehe ich die strahlen und die sonne.

  2. @all
    I am not too happy about how the photo is rendered in the browser in this smaller format. Much too sharp and the white burnt out :-(.
    I should have done more post-processing. Sigh again.

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