There was plenty to fear


“There was plenty to fear” – The Gray Goose by Jonathan Lethem

5 thoughts on “There was plenty to fear

    1. Es ist etwas beängstigend – es gibt hunderte dieser Zettel auf dem Campus angeklebt. Und aller Inhalt ist immer hart an der Grenze des noch Verstehenkönnens. Mir fällt dann meist eher der Ausdruck “gequälte Seele” ein. Und auch beängstigend dann: viel Wahres findet man dann irgendwie doch auf den Zetteln.

  1. Amazingly inarticulate messages. Are those phone numbers to tear off and call, like ads for apartments or bikes? Odd such non-communication should occur around a university. Interesting photo.

    1. Yes, these are tear-off phone numbers. I wonder who would answer. Not that I am willing to try this. There are _some_ strange people on campus and these messages clearly speak to me of a disturbed personality – “tormented soul” I mentioned to Walter in my reply above. It’s sad and frightening at the same time.

  2. Yes, tormented or disturbed souls. I wouldn’t call from my own phone. Perhaps these are ads for illegal substances? You are correct about these being sad and frightening. But then I remember reading a research article which concluded about 1/3 of NYCs population was currently or had recently been under psychiatric care. Most aren’t dangerous except to themselves. NYC was not unique, just where the study was conducted.

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