That was nothing, brace yourself


“That was nothing, brace yourself” – The Gray Goose by Jonathan Lethem

20 thoughts on “That was nothing, brace yourself

  1. Small gnomes? Flower pot gnomes larking in that window? Ah, I can tell they are up to no good. Disaster usually follows phrases like, “Watch this!” or “Brace yourself!”

      1. Gnomes are the merry pranksters of their environments, but they aren’t truly evil. I’ve always suspected they drink heavily. Know when they are around the beer seems to disappear faster than it should. Who says they are inanimate?

        1. I am quite sure the garden gnomes you know personally are of German ancestry – always be careful with beer when they are around!

          1. I’ve always suspected that most garden gnomes come from either southern Germany, or the Black Forest area. But then I haven’t known that many gnomes.

          2. I think they come from Thuringia, that would be eastern Germany. Right now I am searching the web for a garden gnome with a hydrant – I would totally buy it!

    1. I am sure they are responsible for the chaos in the office behind this window – at least that’s what the owner might say ;-)

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