Here, let me tell you about my theory of moving backwards in time …


“Here, let me tell you about my theory of moving backwards in time …” – Feynman by Ottaviani&Myrick

5 thoughts on “Here, let me tell you about my theory of moving backwards in time …

  1. Ah – a A – way easier to find in Germany than those peace signs. I just wonder where all those anarchists hide at election day (though in Bavaria, the vote C.S.U. – the party where everybody loves anarchy with a strong anarcho leader…)

    1. University campus is a likely place to find them – but really, I wonder sometimes if the sprayers simply think: oh, what a wonderful typeface for an A! ;-)

      Since this is an abandoned building that is due to demolition and literally no one visits the place besides the one or perhaps other (I never met anyone there) photographer: who is it to be convinced with the A?

      You surely have to tell me more about the CSU anarchists!

      1. Ein alter bayerischer Spruch: Mia san scho fia a Anarchie, oba mit an starken Anarchen!

        Bayern mögen und mochten ihre Obrigkeit nie besonders. Aber den Franz Josef S. verehren sie. Versteh’ einer die Bayern…

  2. This looks much like the tagging gangs do to mark their territory. Don’t recognize it as politically motivated, but perhaps it is the same impulse. Nice contrast of textures in your photo.

    1. I agree with you. At this place it’s like someone is practicing with the spray can. And since he can’t spray some cool graffiti ….

      Thank you – I have a bunch of photos showing vegetation eating graffiti – might be because ot the much rain in the last weeks that makes everything grow so fast. I see this everywhere. All the photos I am showing right now were taken in the last three or four weeks.

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