Do you know anyone who drives a vintage car?


“Do you know anyone who drives a vintage car?” – Hawthorn & Child by Keith Ridgway

9 thoughts on “Do you know anyone who drives a vintage car?

  1. Gorgeous car, Martina. I love the tones and the sky reflections you’ve captured here. It looks like a classic automobile. Do you know the make and model? One of your best pictures.

    1. Thank you. Unfortunately I don’t know anything about the car. I hoped someone could tell me, seeing the hood ornament and some more photos. I think it might be a Chevrolet from the ornament I saw on the boot lid. The cross-like thing. But there was no marking, lettering, label. If I don’t find a reason to show any more photos here (i.e. no quotes) I will post the rest of the photos on the scrappress. Perhaps someone knows.

      1. I bet our friend “Taken for Granted” would know. He knows a lot about classic cars.

          1. I appreciate your votes of confidence. I have an educated guess about this car, but it is not a standard model. It’s a hot rod. The tail lights and wheels are custom as is the paint. I believe it started as a 1935 Pontiac. What gives it away is the suicide door unless that is also a custom addition. It is a mid-1930s GM sedan. Beautiful photo catching all those curves. But then I could be wrong.

  2. The polish and perfect condition of the car made us wonder if it was the real thing. Everything was so shiny. So neat. Right out of the showroom. No labels etc. like I have already mentioned in my reply to Ed. A pseudo-vintage car?
    On the other hand only real vintage cars get the permission to be driven despite not having all the necessary accessories a new car is obliged to have.

  3. Thank you so much for this. It was wonderful as well as interesting to follow your train of thought, to see how you analysed the different parts of the car to come to a conclusion.
    And yes, it’s a suicide door.
    What I really found strange is the thing that looks like a shield for the windshield – that’s shown in the photo I emailed to you. No idea what gimmick this might be.

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