We have to go


“We have to go” – Hawthorn & Child by Keith Ridgway

10 thoughts on “We have to go

  1. An old car and that quote reminds me of sitting in our family car yelling out the window “Mum when are we going home” while Mum talked and talked, as Mums do.

    1. LOL. In Germany a common phrase for children to say (in this annoying voice) while driving somewhere: “Sind wir bald daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?” This tranlslates perhaps as: “Aren’t we there, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeet??? “

        1. It’s an odd novel as well – very interesting and fun to read, though. More on the surreal side. Cars with running boards. Or not. ;-)

          1. But, there might be no car at all. No running boards. Who knows? I don’t. ;-)
            The novel is a very interesting read and I liked it very much. But there is no thread – only glimpses. That stay with you for some days. But I really can not tell you what it’s about.
            But I would read more of it. If more of it existed.

          2. I ordered it from Inter-library loan today. Should be here in a week or so. Then I can read a surreal novel. Now I have to go move a restored antique corn picker into the museum.

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