It’s all right, baby, it’ll be over soon


“It’s all right, baby, it’ll be over soon” – A Friend of the Earth by T. C. Boyle

7 thoughts on “It’s all right, baby, it’ll be over soon

    1. This is one of the first photos I took with the catadioptric lens. One of the few that came out halfway sharp. At least sharp enough to show it online.
      It has a little tilt-shift effect. Nothing I did on purpose. Aah, I wonder if I ever manage to do something purposely with this lens, grin.

      1. Never had a catadioptric lens, but from what I read focus is a problem. They tend to have a narrow depth of field and produce a bokah “donut” around the point of focus. This is great for photographing birds or anything specific at a distance. Sounds like you will have fun with this new toy. Hope it is light to carry.

        1. No, it’s not that light. But of course nothing to compare with the weight of a high-end tele lens in the range of this focal length. Haha, the Sony 500 mm f4,0 G SSM (f4! wow, f4 …) weighs 3.5 kg … not that I ever would think a millisecond about spending that much money.
          But hey, these things exist.
          The usual consumer tele is around 1.5kg and I made a vow to buy no lens that weighs more than 1kg. 1kg lens weight is my absolute limit for 2 hours of photographing. Then I need to rest.
          I took a not so bad photo of a Northern Goshawk – I might show it on the scrap press tonight.

          1. Would love to see your Northern Goshawk photo. Please put one on Scrap Press. Sounds like you are having fun with your new toy. Serious photographic equipment has always required bearers to haul around. I would not be comfortable carrying or shooting with a 7.25 lb lens. It would require a tripod just to hold it up.

  1. The “donuts” of the cat signature are in the out of focus areas, and are seen in abundance in the whole foreground here, though not in the background. The super compression and shallow DOF work really well with this subject and I don’t even mind the weird rendering of the foreground, except that it stamps the shot with the “cat signature.” I think this is a really nice early effort at working with an extreme tool.

    1. Yes, it is indeed interesting. I think the windmill in the background provided it from being a too kitschy pseudo tilt shift instagramy photo. Without the windmill — don’t know. I wouldn’t have shown it I guess.
      It’s not really sharp – but with the internet and small size one can cheat.
      In the end the lens is a “toy”. Something I might use when I feel that I need to do something out of my comfort zone.
      But you know what? I really like how it teaches me about optics. Hm, hard to explain.

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